Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Step 2 class project in metal shaping,36 Roadster

Hi all metal shaping people out there.

I just want to tell you what we are doing on the Step 2 class in Metal shaping this last week at LAZZE Inc, here in Pleasanton, CA.

We building a 36 Roadster body from flat sheet of steel, we begin with the firewall as a zero point so we know where we can hook up the new panels us making.

It’s always good to start from the front and move back and work on left and right side in the same time, so in this case we start making the cowl panels, both right and left side in the same time, than it’s easier to keep them uniform/symmetrical.
Then we make the doors and tack weld those together to the inner frame and when we have them together with the frame we can tack weld the together with the cowl panel, it’s important to keep the body the same from side to side and check all kinds of cross measuring to get it right.
The next is to make the rear quarter panels and tack welds those together to the doors, now it begins to take the shape of a car body.

For every panel we making now and put them together we can see the car body coming together and it’s really fun after we spent a few days just making panels.
To hold the panels together when we scribe for the final cut and also when we hold the panels together when we tack weld them we using very strong magnets, it makes it so much easier and we saving so much time.

Think about this when you look at those pictures, What we can do to a sheet is four things: we can cut, bend, shrink and stretch, that’s all we can do to a sheet and when you break it down to those four elements we can begin to understand Metal shaping and create what we want, this technique has no limitations, it doesn’t matter what we decide to do, we can do it because we controlling the sheet and it’s fun..

To see the progress of the project go to
We’ll be at the LA Roadster show June 20-21 and maybe the 36 project will be there, look as up we’ll have a both there.

The tools/machines we using is the Lazze’s English wheel, Bead roller and shrink/stretcher, hammer and dolly, and some other hand tools.
For more info about the Hands on Classes, Online video training and tools/machines go to

I'm looking forward to seeing you in one of the classes, Lazze

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi, I'm Lazze, the Metal Shaping Master.

Hi, My name is Lazze(Lars) Jansson, I'm from Sweden and my professional is to teach people in Metal Shaping.
I have done that for over 12 years now and over 1400 students from many different countries have taken my classes. I love what I do and do what I love, it's very fun to teach people a lost art, to give something to people that they can't touch, it's in their mind and it's personal, nobody can take it away from that person.
Money is temporary, but wealth is permanent, which means that the more education, knowledge and experience you have the wealth you have, if you loosing everything you have, you can still have wealth and can do it over and over and make a good living again and again, it's endless.
With my technique in metal shaping people can earn more money, they can make their job faster and better quality, which means that they make more money.
My passion is to inspire people, to help people to success and for the moment I do that through Metal Shaping education.
My main goal now is to save what I know, my knowledge for the future and for next generations so people all over the world can learn my technique in metal shaping, we going to make this available for people where ever they are in the world. if you're interested to get more info in Metal Shaping, go to
If you don't plan for a future, you can't have one.......
Have a great day, Lazze

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Official Lazze Skateboard Wheel Youtube Video

Here is a video that I shot illustrating a technique one of my students came up with during a metal shaping class. I hope you like it. Metal shaping is fun and teaching it challenges me to come up with solutions that my students need for their individual projects.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now I'm a Metal Shaping Youtube Star!

I'm now placing my videos on Youtube. Others have placed videos of me on the site so now I place my own. This video was placed online by someone else but I'm putting it up first. I hope you enjoy it.

You can sign up for my latest videos and metal shaping instructions at my website -


Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'll be posting the first video on Youtube soon.

We are working on the first video now to debut on Youtube. It will be a short but interesting trick one of my students came up with during a previous class. I will also post it here when it's done.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The New Metal Shaping Secrets Video

We are launching a new line of videos on metal shaping. There will be some very simple tricks that radically speed up your work and there will be some complex tips that will take you to the next level of craftsmanship. Stay tuned for some awesome information that will make your projects look like a million dollars.